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Planning & Building Permit Fees & Project Requirements

Oakland assesses various permit fees on development projects to ensure that they meet the design, public safety, and local planning objectives of the city. Below, please find resources for assessing permit fees for your project; learn about zoning, design review guidelines and code requirements; find forms and applications; and understand how fees are being used to further equitable community development.

* Also, follow this link to Design Review Findings by Project Application Type, Zone or Use.



Depending on the project, additional permits and related fees may be required from other city departments and local agencies, including but not necessarily limited to:

From the Department of Transportation

  • Sewer lateral permit – For adding, replacing, extending or repairing the main sewage drain line that runs from the City’s main line to the building
  • Excavation permit – For digging in the City Right-of Way such as the street.
  • Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk permit – For installing, replacing, modifying or repairing the curbs, gutters, sidewalks and driveway entrances at the street.
  • P-Job permit – For public improvements in the City Right-of Way.
  • Encroachment permit – For construction in the City Right-of Way.
  • Obstruction permit – For temporarily blocking spaces in the City Right-of Way such as installing scaffolding on sidewalks and reserving street parking spaces.

From non-City of Oakland agencies:

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