City of Oakland General Plan

The Planning and Building Department works with the Planning Commission and the community to make long-term plans for growth and development in Oakland. You can learn more about different parts of the City's General Plan by looking at the documents on this page.

NEW! General Plan Update Process

The City of Oakland is getting ready to comprehensively update its General Plan to guide the future of our city in a way that reflects community priorities and values. In alignment with State law, the initial focus will be on Housing, Safety and Environmental Justice (new), followed by Land Use, Transportation, Open Space, Recreation and possibly other Elements. Sign up here for updates and stay tuned for more information.


The General Plan contains many elements or plans that outline policies for land use and development throughout Oakland.

  • Land Use and Transportation Element
    Designates the kinds, location, and intensity of land uses, as well as appropriate zoning controls to achieve development policies.
  • Estuary Policy Plan
    Includes objectives and policies to enhance the Oakland waterfront as a resource for the City. The Estuary Policy Plan (EPP) is considered part of the General Plan and supersedes the General Plan for the Estuary shoreline, extending from Castro Street to the East Creek Slough.
  • Historic Preservation Element
    Provides the goals, policies and actions to encourage the preservation of older buildings, districts and other physical features with historic value.
  • Housing Element
    Provides an assessment of the need for housing and an inventory of housing; statement of the goals with regard to housing residents; and a program for providing the needed amount of housing throughout the City.
  • Noise Element
    Analyzes and quantifies the existing and projected noise levels from noise sources such as traffic, commercial and aviation activities, and includes implementation measures to address any foreseeable noise problems.
  • Open Space, Conservation and Recreation
    Contains policies addressing the management of open land, natural resources and parks in the City.
  • Safety Element
    Includes a policy framework to guide the public decision making process with regard to safety hazards including public safety, geologic hazards, fire, flooding and hazardous materials. In 2012, the City adopted its Local Hazard Mitigation Plan as an appendix of the Safety Element (see Appendix F).
  • Scenic Highways
    Addresses the preservation and enhancement of attractive roadways and major thorough fares traversing the City.