Equipment Services

The Equipment Services Division manages the City's vehicle acquisitions and provides maintenance & fueling for all City vehicles & equipment.

Establishing Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

For some employees who need to access the City’s network, it might make sense to establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Our VPN Gateway now supports Windows, Mac, Chrome, and iOS Operating Systems. To establish VPN access, follow the steps below.

Ethics for Board and Commission Members

Oakland relies on its many boards and commissions to provide critical guidance in City decisions and to serve as important forums for public participation. With this privilege comes a responsibility to comply with governmental ethics laws and to uphold the public’s trust. There are many rules and responsibilities that you will need to learn about in this new role as a Public Servant so take the time to review these board member essentials to avoid any costly missteps.

Ethics for City Staff, Elected Officials and Board Members

The Public Ethics Commission is committed to helping you in your capacity as a Public Servant to make decisions and conduct your work in a manner that upholds the public's trust. While the Government Ethics Act provides a minimum standard for government ethics that all Public Servants must be aware of and comply with, our goal is that Public Servants practice the highest integrity in their service to the City.

Ethics Trainings

Take the provided ethics trainings to ensure that you understand and comply with both state and local ethics laws.


Oakland is a “just cause” city. This means that a property owner must have a “just cause” to evict a tenant. These “just causes” are outlined in the Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance. The Rent Adjustment Program does not hear eviction cases and cannot provide legal advice or legal assistance. For questions or assistance regarding your rights or with your case, please contact a local advocacy organizations.

Expand Your Business

Find advice and connect with resources to help you expand your business in the City of Oakland.

Facts about Oakland

From our population to our elevation, this is the place to get the current information about the City of Oakland.

Fair Housing

The City offer resources and partners with community organizations to protect the housing and tenant rights of community members.

Film Office Rates

Oakland Film Office Rates for film permits, film shoot parking, City services, and City locations for filming.