Contract Compliance Unit

The Contract Compliance unit monitors and enforces City policies on all City contracts.


Contract Requirements:

For construction contracts greater than $100,000 and professional services contracts greater than $50,000 you must achieve 50% LBE/SLBE participation. This requirement is satisfied by a 25% LBE and 25% SLBE split, or by 50% SLBE participation. For construction contracts less than $100,000 and professional services contracts less than $50,000, you must outreach to certified local firms, ensuring that a minimum of three local firms is included in the solicitation.

Incentives for compliance:

A minimum bid discount of 5% for meeting the participation requirement
Increased points and discounts as the level of local and small local business participation increases
Mentor-Protégé Relationships between non-local firms and local certified firms are strongly encouraged

You can access resources for your Small and Local Business here.

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