Residential Appeals Committee

The Residential Appeals Committee (RAC) meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month when there are items to review. The RAC is an official committee of the Planning Commission.

Resilient Oakland

A city is resilient when it can respond to many different kinds of stress. Oakland has a long history of working hard work to make sure that everyone can find good schools and jobs, pay for housing, and feel safe even in hard times. To help Oakland stay a strong and resilient city, we need to work together to make a City government that Oaklanders can trust. We also need to learn to use data and research to help us make decisions about how to help the community and support the City.

Resources for Candidates

The Public Ethics Commission enforces campaign rules, acts as official filing officer for campaign statements, and provides resources to educate candidates and committees about local rules and requirements. These webpages summarize and highlight important requirements, but please refer to our comprehensive guides to the Oakland Campaign Reform Act and Limited Public Financing Program for a detailed explanation of your responsibilities as a candidate. For information on the nominations process and qualifying for the ballot, please contact the Office of the City Clerk.


Oakland has 55 shopping districts and more than 50 regional and national retailers. Many areas in the city are known for unique boutiques, art galleries, and pop-up shops created by ambitious local entrepreneurs and artisans selling locally made, one-of-a-kind Oakland products.Major mixed-use project now underway will bring significant ground floor retail to the market. Overall, the CIty's retail vacancy rate is under 3% in 2015. Oakland's retail sector employs more than 10,000 people, after adding about 1,500 jobs between 2008-2016.

Revising OPD’s Use of Force Policy

Oakland has an opportunity to reimagine policing and craft a policy that addresses the needs of our communities, provides clear guidelines for police engagement and prioritizes and respects the sanctity of life.

Risk Management

Risk management services provide contract insurance requirements review, as well as property and casualty claims management for covered losses. We self-insure the majority of our exposures and purchase insurance in those areas where the level of exposure warrants.

Rotary Nature Center

The Rotary Nature Center is a citywide interpretive center that maintains and protects Lake Merritt - the first wildlife refuge in North America - Joaquin Miller Park and other open spaces. We handle natural science presentations, environmental education, summer camps for youth, and urban wildlife issues.

RV Pilot Program for Vacant Properties

On July 28, 2020, the Oakland City Council adopted Ordinance Number 13611, codified as Oakland Municipal Code 5.72 , establishing a Pilot Program to allow an individual Recreational Vehicle (RV) to occupy a vacant property where residential activities are permitted.

Sailing into Science Program

Sailing Into Science (SIS) is a hands-on science and boating program designed for fifth grade classes that utilizes Lake Merritt's unique environment.

San Antonio Recreation Center

San Antonio Recreation Center sits atop one of the lower rolling hills of the East Bay; surrounded by beautiful grounds making it ideal for family gatherings and activities. The park is fully equipped with tennis courts, soccer field, a lighted basketball court, community garden, and picnic area. The center is currently home to Youth and Girls' Sports activities.

Sanitary Sewers

Oakland Public Work’s Bureau of Design and Construction and Bureau of Maintenance and Internal Services owns and operates over 934 miles of sewer mains, ranging from six inches to over 66 inches in diameter, 28,554 sewer structures, and 11 pump stations. Most of the system is more than 50 years old, and some parts are as old as 100 years. Wastewater from homes and businesses is collected through the City's sewer collection system and flows into East Bay Municipal Utility District's (EBMUD) interceptor system, where it is conveyed to their treatment plant.

Senior Services

The City provides services that support independence, safety, health, and active living for seniors. We work with community partners to support services that include care management, jobs, training, volunteering, recreation and transportation assistance.

Sequoia Lodge

Sequoia Lodge is a rustic lodge surrounded by eucalyptus and redwood trees. A wooden deck surrounds the outside of the building. The building has a small conversational area, stone fireplace and a banquet room. Onsite parking is available.The rental area includes the kitchen, deck and conversational area with stone fireplace. You may choose your caterer. Reservations are booked on a first come first serve basis.