2023 - 2031 Housing Element Update

The Housing Element is part of Oakland’s General Plan that serves as a blueprint for housing the City’s residents, at all economic levels including low income and households with special needs.

What is the Housing Element?

The Housing Element is one of the required elements of the General Plan. It will identify policy direction to meet the housing needs of the City, both by preserving existing homes and by clarifying priorities for new construction. The plan will include an overview of housing policies and programs and will identify locations that can accommodate future housing.

For more information, please review the Housing Element FAQ.

Draft Housing Element

The draft General Plan Housing Element outlines the strategies and policies the City will implement over the next eight years in order to meet Oakland’s housing needs. The Housing Element was last updated in 2015 and is now being updated with public input to reflect the recent housing opportunities, challenges, and approaches that have emerged in the Oakland community, as well as to comply with new state laws.

Note: This is a preliminary draft document that has not been adopted by the City of Oakland or approved by any City department. This draft has not gone through graphic design or formatting. The purpose of this draft is to solicit public input prior to transmission to the State Department of Housing and Community Development.

How to Provide Feedback

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Oakland 2045 General Plan Housing Element Timeline
Oakland 2045 General Plan Housing Element Timeline