Community Pledge

As we mark Oakland's 170th birthday, let's recommit to the community, reconnect with each other and rediscover what makes Oakland great.

The Pledge

As we emerge from the pandemic, together we make a promise to Oakland and the community.

Let’s show up.

Let’s promise to take care of ourselves and our community, and look out for others.

The pandemic has given us time to stop and reflect on what makes our town so special.

It’s the people; the business owners, the generations of families, the musicians, the curators, the artists.

It’s the history; of immigrants, of women pioneers, of social activism.

It’s the nature; the redwood forests, the hills, the creeks & waterways, the urban lakes.

It’s the legacy and determination to keep our culture alive.

It’s the care and respect people have for one another.

So let’s show love. #OaklandLoveLife

Our community comes first.

As our world begins to expand again and time starts moving faster, remember your promise to Oakland:

  1. Think Oakland First:
  2. Shop locally and support our businesses, especially BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) businesses
  3. Support community festivals & events
  4. Volunteer at or support local non-profits
  5. Practice patience and care for front-line workers as they adapt to new procedures.
  6. Share appreciation for others.
  7. Leave no trace in our parks, waterfronts, or neighborhood streets.
  8. Wear a mask and keep 6 feet apart from others whenever possible.
  9. Wash your hands often, stay home if you’re sick and abide by state and local government guidance to keep each other safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our community.


Adapted from Visit Oakland’s Community Pledge

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Resources to Shop and Dine Locally

Check out the directories at for insight on local retailers and restaurants.