Climate Adaptation

The fourth section in Oakland’s 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP) focuses on climate adaptation. Even if Oakland’s contribution to the climate crisis ended tomorrow, our city would still be impacted by climate change. Carbon in the atmosphere will continue to influence sea level rise, wildfires, and other threats. While Oakland continues its efforts to slow and reverse climate change, resilient infrastructure and risk reduction measures must be in place to address the immediate and foreseeable climate risks to health and safety, particularly in frontline communities.

List of ECAP Action Items

This table shows the list of the Adaptation action items that are included in the ECAP. Each action item has its own lead department and implementation timeline.

ECAP Action Title

Lead Department


A-1: Fund Creation and Operation of Resilience Hubs

Public Works Department; Office of Resilience

Early Progress

A-2: Enhance Community Energy Resilience

Public Works Department

Early Progress

A-3: Fund and Implement Citywide Vulnerability Assessment and Comprehensive Adaptation Plan

Planning & Building Department

In Progress

A-4: Wildfire Risk Reduction

Fire Department; Finance Department

Major Progress

A-5: Identify and Reduce Financial Risks from Climate Change

Public Works Department; Office of Resilience

Not Begun

A-6: Expand and Protect Green Infrastructure & Biodiversity

Public Works Department; Office of Resilience; Office of Emergency Services

In Progress

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For updates on ECAP implementation, visit the City’s Sustainability Page, where you’ll find all ECAP topics and resources.

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