Go Solar for a More Resilient Home

Explore the programs below for discounts and opportunities to install solar power and battery storage at your home.

SunShares' Solar + Storage Discount Program: SunShares offers 15% discounts to homeowners to install solar power systems, as well as discounts to install battery storage. These measures will help make your home more resilient against PG&E power shutoffs during wildfire season and other emergencies.

East Bay Community Energy (EBCE)'s Resilient Home Program: This is a limited-time program from EBCE that makes it simple for homeowners to see if a solar and battery backup system is right for your family by providing free quotes and pre-negotiated pricing.

GRID Alternative’s Energy For All Program: GRID is helping catalyze the solar energy sector by providing no-cost technical assistance and low-cost design and installation services for single family homeowners, affordable multifamily housing owners and developers, and for energy-burdened communities. Their holistic model includes energy efficiency partnerships, community education and engagement, and job training opportunities for residents.