Bay Trail, Bike Paths, New Streets & Infrastructure

Development of the Gateway Industrial District created 14,760 linear feet of road improvements, including 7,803 linear feet of new Class 1 bike/pedestrian trails, 8,210 linear feet of Class 2 bike trails, and 8,648 linear feet of new pedestrian sidewalks, which connects the City and the Port to the future Gateway Park and integrates the former base into the multimodal transportation fabric of the City.

Bike Paths and Bay Trail Access

Bay Trail at the Gateway Industrial District
Bay Trail at the Gateway Industrial District

Key development objectives of the Gateway Industrial District were to provide access to waterfront public areas at the Oakland Harbor; promote the extension of the Bay Trail system with public access to the Bay Bridge isthmus; and to promote pedestrian-friendly environments which provide pleasant places for workers and visitors. To achieve these objectives, bike and pedestrian paths were constructed adjacent to the Oakland Harbor and connecting to the Bay Trail and Bay Bridge, as was an extensive network of sidewalks and bike lanes along many of the major roadways within the district.

Future improvements include a linear public park near the Oakland Harbor and a commemorative site, in the vicinity of the intersection of Maritime Street and Burma Road, to memorialize the contributions of civilians and the military in the Bay Area to World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

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New Streets & Infrastructure

Several roadways have been improved or realigned, meeting current standards, as part of the Gateway Industrial District development. Maritime Street was improved with intersection controls, bicycle/pedestrian paths, minor reconfiguration, repaving and landscaping. Burma Road west of Maritime Street was extended to the western edge of the Gateway Industrial District. The portion of the roadway closest to Maritime Street was realigned to comply with standard traffic safety regulations for distances between intersections and create usable parcels south of West Grand Avenue. A new section of Burma Road was constructed from Maritime Street east to the vicinity of West Grand Avenue.

The Gateway Industrial District also includes plans for a new intermodal terminal and new rail lines to support maritime uses.

New utility systems, such as water distribution, wastewater collection, stormwater collection, gas distribution, electrical systems, security, telecommunications and similar systems, were constructed to serve the development.

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Gateway Industrial District Redevelopment Partners

With funding commitments from the City of Oakland and major grant funding from the Federal Government, Transportation Commissions of the State of California and Alameda County, the City and Port of Oakland are leveraging significant private investment by transforming approximately 300 acres of the former Oakland Army Base into a modern logistics center and mixed-use redevelopment that will benefit the local, county-wide and regional jurisdictions by creating new public infrastructure and private development that will provide new jobs, fiscal returns and lower congestion on local streets and county-wide highways.

Public Improvement Public Funding Partners

  • In 2011 and 2012, the City of Oakland committed approximately $45 million dollars for planning, pre-development and construction of Public Improvements;
  • In 2012, the U.S. Department of Transportation awarded a Tiger 2 Planning Grant in the amount of approximately $1.6 million dollars towards the development of the approved site-wide master planning effort;
  • In 2013, the State of California, California Transportation Commission approved a $176.3 million dollar Trade and Corridor Improvement Fund (TCIF) grant for the construction of Public Improvements at the former Oakland Army Base; and
  • In 2016, the Alameda County Transportation Commission approved a $41 million dollar grant for the construction of Public Roadway Improvements at the former Oakland Army Base.
  • In 2018, the Alameda County Transportation Commission approved a $5 million dollar grant for the construction of truck parking lot.

Use of Public Funds (incudes TCIF Segments 1 & 3)

  • Air quality monitoring
  • Environmental remediation
  • Demolition of obsolete above and below grade structures
  • Major earthwork and soils stabilization
  • New underground utilities, roadways, and street improvements
  • Pedestrian and bicycle pathways, lighting and landscaping
  • Major rail and rail crossing improvements
  • Truck parking

Private Investment / Development (Includes TCIF Segments 4 & 5)

  • Trade and logistics facilities (Lease Disposition and Development Agreement – 66 Year Ground Leases
  • Bulk cargo marine terminal (Lease Disposition and Development Agreement – 66 Year Ground Lease)
  • Recycling facilities (Disposition and Development Agreements – Property Sale / Purchase)
  • Truck parking operations and services (Lease Disposition and Development Agreement – 55-Year Ground Lease)

Community Benefits

  • Successful physical redevelopment
  • Improved air quality & monitoring
  • Improved rail operations
  • Improved roadway safety & traffic relief on local streets and highways
  • Minimum 50% local contracting for construction jobs and new permanent jobs
  • Fiscal return benefits
  • Community trust fund
  • Long term Community Facilities District to maintain publicly funded public improvements

Current Construction Schedule

  • Construction of Public Improvements began in October 2013
  • Public Improvement were completed in December 2019
  • Completion of Private Improvements by December 2022

Prologis, the global leader in industrial real estate development and logistics, is nearing completion of its portion of the nearly one million square foot master planned, 160-acre Oakland Global Trade and Logistics Center at the Gateway Industrial District. Phase I, 256,000-square foot building, was completed in August 2017. Phase II, 232,000-square foot building, was completed in June 2019. Phase III, 190,000-square foot building, is under construction and should be completed by December 2020. The Port of Oakland opened a 370,000 square foot refrigerated "Cool Port" warehouse and distribution facility. The new logistics cluster is anticipated to create thousands of new jobs while reducing truck traffic and air pollution.

For more information, visit the Prologis website:

Prologis before
Prologis before
Prologis after
Prologis after