Use City-owned Outdoor Property

Since the start of Flex Streets, the City of Oakland has made available unutilized City-owned outdoor properties to retail businesses and restaurants which are unable to operate in the public right of way or on private property as provided under the FlexStreets program.

Use of Force

The Oakland Police Department takes the issue of uses of force seriously and has employed several strategies to reduce the use of force.

Use of Force

The Oakland Police Department (OPD) defines Use of Force (UOF) as any physical or mechanical intervention used by a member or employee to defend, control, overpower, restrain or overcome the resistance of an individual. OPD takes UOF seriously and has employed several strategies to reduce its occurrence (see see data and definitions, strategies, and links to UOF levels below).

Utilities Undergrounding

Utilities lines are being moved underground in some places to increase safety and improve aesthetics

Utility Meters

Relocating utility meters at or to a street-facing location requires Zoning review and/or Electrical or Plumbing Permits.

Vehicle Collision Reports

Oakland Police Department motor vehicle collision reports can be purchased on-line, in person or by mail.

Video Overview of Hire Oakland Summer Youth Employment Program

This video shows the positive impact of the Oakland Workforce Development Board's Summer Youth Employment Program on youth participants and the businesses and organizations they work at. Businesses can support youth and their community to thrive by hiring Oakland youth.

Violence Prevention

The City provides a range of services and programs so that all community members feel safe