Studio Rates

For more information please call or email the Stage Manager, Amir Clark

Posted: September 9th, 2018 1:02 PM

Last Updated: January 20th, 2021 7:41 PM


KTOP-TV10 Studios features a 2,400-square-foot "whisper quiet" sound stage (rated 52db by THX!) with complete lighting, grip and electrical packages. In addition, Adobe Creative Suite CC (Premiere) and Avid post-production suites are available for hire. Our studio also has a two-wall Cyclorama and large green-screen capability.

Studio specifications

  • 60' x 40 air conditioned sound stage
  • Complete lighting grip & electrical gear
  • 2 - wall hard Cyclorama
  • 17' grid -to -floor
  • 12 x 12 chroma green screen
  • 1 - 20 x 20 chroma green screen
  • 1 - 30 x 40 chroma green screen
  • 600amps - AC Power
  • Green Room/Craft Services Area
  • Lounge/Dressing Room
  • Teleprompter & Chromakey
  • DigiBeta, Betacam HDcam, XDcam, SP Mastering
  • Avid and Premiere Edit Suites
  • Audio Recording Booth

Facility rates

Rental rates are based upon a 10-hour day, Monday through Friday 6:00 am to 9:00 pm, with the first meal break off the clock. Overtime rates apply to all other rental times

Build or Strike Day$500.00
Shoot or Pre-Light Day$750.00
Power 600 amp (shoot/Pre-light only)$100.00
Grip Package (per day)$100.00
Cameras (JVC GY-HD250) 4 CamsCall for pricing
Cameras (JVC GY-HD250) Single CamsCall for pricing
Camera Sony XD Cam 750$800.00
Camera Sony XD Cam 800$1,000.00
VTRS DigiBetaCall for pricing
VTRS XDCAMCall for pricing
VTRS DVCAMCall for pricing
VTRS Betacam$150.00
PersonnelCall for pricing
Stage Overtime Rate$125.00 per hour after 10 hrs
Weekend Differential$150.00 per day
Grip Package$100.00
Electrical Package - 600 amp$100.00
Lighting EquipmentBilled as used
ExpendablesBilled as use

Miscellaneous charges

The following charges will be billed as used or needed:

Garbage Removal*$60.00 per pick-up
Faxes: send/receive$1.00 per page
Photo copies$0.12 per page

*Daily rentals: subject to Stage Manager discretion; required on all shoots of three (3) days or more.

Painting costs

Basic studio Cyclorama rental is "Video White" for all rentals; clients needing a clean white floor will be billed as defined below.

Painting charges are billed on a per coat basis for paint materials and labor. In addition, clients requesting a special cyc and/or floor color will be responsible for all costs associated with painting to the desired color as well as the costs associated with returning the studio to its original color/condition.

Stage White Paint$25.00 per gallon
Paint Labor*Inquire with Stage Manager
Special Order Paints$Studio cost + 25%

*Most colors need two coats for proper coverage. Minimum labor charge is $50.00.

Clean-up charges

Clients must return the stage and client areas back to the same condition as they were found at the beginning of the rental. Subject to Stage Manager discretion, clients will be billed an additional $45.00 per hour for any cleaning/repair work deemed necessary and performed by Studio staff to return stage facility to satisfactory condition.


With Studio approval, any equipment not available from our inventory can be brought into the facility directly by the Client. Additionally, at Client's request, Studio will locate and rent equipment for a given shoot and rentals will be billed to Client at cost plus 25%.

Video equipment rental

See price list for current selection of video camera, lighting and grip equipment available for rental.