Street Closures

Posted: August 31st, 2018 3:44 PM

Last Updated: January 20th, 2021 7:41 PM

Monday, June 11 at 12PM - Tuesday, June 12 at 7PM

11th between Broadway and MLK

Monday, June 11 at 6PM - Tuesday, June 12 at 7PM

10th between Oak and 2nd

10th between Broadway and MLK

11th between Franklin and Broadway

Jefferson and Clay between 10th and 12th

Monday, June 11 at 10PM - Tuesday, June 12 at 7PM

9th between Broadway and Washington

Washington between 9th and 10th

Tuesday, June 12 at 3AM - 7PM

Broadway from 11th to 14th

Tuesday, June 12 at 6:30AM - 7PM

Entire Parade Route

Lake Merritt Blvd/Bridge between E. 12th/International and Oak

Broadway from 9th to 21st (14th to remain open to cross traffic until 9AM)

10th between Madison and 2nd

11th Street Tunnel

12th between Clay and Franklin

13th between Broadway and Franklin

14th between Clay and Franklin

15th between Broadway and Franklin

Telegraph between 16th and Broadway

17th between Telegraph and Franklin

19th between Telegraph and Franklin

Thomas Berkley Way/20th between Telegraph and Harrison

Webster between 19th and 21st

Franklin between 19th and 21st

Harrison between 17th and 21st

Alice from 17th to 19th

Jackson from 17th to Lakeside

Madison from 17th to Lakeside

17th between Madison and Lakeside

14th from Madison to Oak

13th from Madison to Fallon

12th from Madison to Lake Merritt Blvd

11th from Madison to Oak

9th from Oak to Fallon

Fallon between 9th and 10th

Oak between 9th and 13th