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Shared Mobility Programs

A comprehensive guide to Oakland’s shared mobility services, discounts, and resources



COVID-19 Shared Mobility Resources

Oakland’s shared mobility Operators are stepping up during the COVID-19 crisis by increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of their vehicle fleets. Some are also offering special discounts to healthcare workers and others:

BayWheels Bike Share

Free bikeshare memberships for critical healthcare workers through April 30.

Sign up instructions:

Gruv E-Scooters

Free one-time $10 credit to all riders – use promo code SHELTER10

Free use of scooters for the duration of the Shelter in Place order for first responders, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and grocery store employees. For further instructions:

Revel Electric Mopeds

Free memberships and free rides for health care workers so they can get to and from work and between medical facilities.

To sign up:

GIG Car Share

Free weekly GIG rentals for non-profit organizations and governments, so that they can serve our communities' most critical needs. To learn more:

What is shared mobility?

Owning a car is expensive. Every month, the average American family spends more than $700 per vehicle (includes costs like insurance, gas, and maintenance). Plus, most cars sit parked and unused 95% of the time. In addition, the majority of car trips in the US are under 5 miles, making them easily replaceable by trips on bike or scooter.

Shared mobility services allow you to rent shared vehicles, usually through an app or membership, and only pay for the time you use. In Oakland, these services include bike share, scooter share, and car share.

Why Share?

  • Affordability - No paying for gas, maintenance or insurance. Rent a vehicle only when you need it and save that money for your other expenses.
  • Improved Access - Shared Mobility is a great first and last mile solution to connect you to transit.
  • The Environment - Shared Mobility reduces emissions contributing to climate change.
  • Health & Wellness - Drive less, move more. Enjoy walking, bicycling, and transit.

How do I sign up for discounted memberships?

Bike Share for All - $5 year-long bike share membership (Save $144!)

Members who qualify for the PG&E’s CARE (California Alternate Rates for Energy) or Cal Fresh SNAP program qualify for the low-income reduced-price membership.

Cash payment centers are also available at the Oakland Public Library (Main branch) at 125 14th St. on Wednesdays from 12pm to 4pm. Check the schedule here.

To sign up using a credit card, visit the Bay Wheels website.

Gig Car Share - Try out car share for free!

To sign up for Gig Car Share, visit

Receive $30 in Gig car share credit with code 30FORYOU

Lime Access - $0.50 to unlock, $0.07 per minute (a 50% discount)

  • Apply for Lime Access online at
  • Once enrolled, Lime Access members can pay using credit card or cash at any PayNearMe location.
  • Don’t have a smartphone? Once you are enrolled, you can access scooters using Lime’s text-to-unlock feature!

One Bird - $0 to unlock, $0.15 per minute ($1 off each ride)

  • To enroll, email proof of enrollment in a state or federal assistance program (e.g. Cal Fresh SNAP, PG&E’s CARE, Medicaid, or any other state or federally-run assistance program document), along with your full name and phone number, to
  • Approval takes approximately 2 to 3 business days.

Bringing These Services to You

If you think members of your community or organization could benefit from shared mobility resources, we would love the opportunity to partner. We are available for on-site presentations, demonstrations, and to help with the sign-up process.

Email us at, or

Program Overview & Outreach

Shared mobility services have historically failed to reach low-income and minority communities. The Department of Transportation launched an outreach, engagement, and marketing program to support the widespread accessibility and adoption of shared mobility services. The goal of this program is to reduce existing barriers to use through program education, the development and promotion of discounted membership programs, and the distribution of financial incentives (i.e. promo codes, free trials).

Through this outreach, we have identified common barriers to use that low income residents face, such as access to a credit card or smart phone. We are working with operators to find creative solutions so all residents can benefit form these services. See a summary of identified barriers and lessons learned here.

For this program, the City's Department of Transportation is working with a consultant team from D&A Communications.

A summary of 2018 outreach efforts can be found here.