Car share is a membership-based service available to all qualified drivers in a community. This service allows members to make vehicle trips by operating a rented vehicle without a separate written agreement for each trip.

The City adopted its first formal car share policy in 2015 (find the legislation on Legistar), which provided a regulatory framework for car share in the public right-of-way and municipal lots and garages.

The Parking and Mobility Division is implementing two separate car share pilot programs: the Free-Floating Car Share Pilot and the Dedicated Space Car Share Pilot. Each of the pilot programs, allow “qualified car share organizations” to purchase permits from the City.

The Car Sharing Program is primarily funded with a $320,000 grant of federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds awarded by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Revenue from the sales of car sharing permits will also fund the program.

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