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City Parks

Come explore the wonders of Oakland's urban wildlands!


Park Listings

25th Street Mini Park25th StreetOaklandCA
85th Avenue Mini Park1712 85th AvenueOaklandCA
88th Avenue Mini Park1722 88th AvenueOaklandCA
Allendale Park3711 Suter StreetOaklandCA
Arroyo Viejo Park7701 Krause AvenueOaklandCA
Avenue Terrace Park4369 Bennett PlaceOaklandCA
Ayala ParkAyala @ 57th StreetOaklandCA
Beaconsfield CanyonBeaconsfield PlaceOaklandCA
Bella Vista Park1025 East 28th StreetOaklandCA
Bertha Port ParkGoss/ Wood/8th StreetOaklandCA
Bishop Floyd L. Begin Plaza2251 San Pablo AvenueOaklandCA
Brookdale Park2535 High StreetOaklandCA
Burckhalter ParkEdwards Ave. & I-580OaklandCA
Bushrod Park560 59th StreetOaklandCA
Caldecott Field / North Oakland Regional Sports Center6900 BroadwayOaklandCA
Carney Park10501 Acalanes DriveOaklandCA
Carter-Gilmore/Greenman Field1390 66th Ave. @ LucilleOaklandCA
Central Reservoir Park2506 East 29th StreetOaklandCA
Cesar Chavez ParkFoothill BoulevardOaklandCA
Chabot Park6850 Chabot RoadOaklandCA
Channel Park10th Street to 7th StreetOaklandCA
Chinese Garden Park7th Street & HarrisonOaklandCA
Cleveland Cascade (Brooklyn Plaza)Between Lakeshore Ave. and Merritt Ave.OaklandCA
Clinton Square Park1230 6th AvenueOaklandCA
Colby Park61st & Colby StreetOaklandCA
Coliseum Gardens Park966 66th AvenueOaklandCA
Columbian Gardens Park9920 Empire RoadOaklandCA
Concordia Park2901 64th AvenueOaklandCA
Cresent ParkChester StreetOaklandCA
Cypress Freeway Memorial Park14th St. & Mandela ParkwayOaklandCA
DeFremery Park1651 Adeline StreetOaklandCA
Dimond Park/Canyon3860 Hanly RoadOaklandCA
Dolphin Mini Park1299 73rd AvenueOaklandCA
Dover Street Park5707 Dover StreetOaklandCA
Driver [Jasper P.] PlazaStanford Ave. @ Adeline St.OaklandCA
Dunsmuir Estate Park61 Covington StreetOaklandCA
Durant Mini Park29th St. & MLK Jr. WayOaklandCA

Eastshore Park (Astro Play Area)

550 El Embarcadero and Lakeshore AvenueOaklandCA
Elmhurst Lyons Field1800 98th AvenueOaklandCA
Estuary Channel Park5 EmbarcaderoOaklandCA
Firestorm Memorial GardenTunnel Rd. @ Hiller Dr.OaklandCA
Fitzgerald ParkFitzgerald St. & Peralta St.OaklandCA
FM Smith Park1969 Park BoulevardOaklandCA
Foothill Meadows Extension1600 38th AvenueOaklandCA
Foothill Meadows Extension3705 Foothill BoulevardOaklandCA
Frank Ogawa Firescape Garden6900 BroadwayOaklandCA
Franklin Park1010 East 15th StreetOaklandCA
Franklin Plaza418 22nd StreetOaklandCA
Fruitvale Bridge Park3205 Alameda AvenueOaklandCA
Garber [John] ParkAlvarado Rd & Claremont AveOaklandCA
Garfield Park2260 Foothill Blvd.OaklandCA
Gateway Gardens Park & PavillionTunnel Rd. & Caldecott Ln.OaklandCA
Glen Echo ParkPanama Ct. & Monte Vista Ave.OaklandCA
Golden Gate Park1075 62nd StreetOaklandCA
Grove Shafter Park & Dog ParkMartin Luther King Jr. Way & 36th StreetOaklandCA
Hardy Park & Dog Park491 Hardy StreetOaklandCA
Helen McGregor Plaza ParkMartin Luther King Jr. Way @ West StreetOaklandCA

Henery J. Kaiser Memorial Park (Remember Them: Champions For Humanity Monument)

1900 Rashida Muhammad St.

Holly Mini Park9830 Holly StreetOaklandCA
Jefferson Square / Dog Park618 Jefferson StreetOaklandCA
Joaquin Miller Park / Dog Park3590 Sanborn DriveOaklandCA
Josie de la Cruz Park1637 Fruitvale AvenueOaklandCA
King Estates Park (Glenn Daniel)8501 Fontaine StreetOaklandCA
Knowland Park9777 Golf Links RoadOaklandCA
Lafayette Square Park635 11th StreetOaklandCA
Lakeside Park666 Bellevue AvenueOaklandCA
Lazear Park850 - 29th AvenueOaklandCA

Leona Heights Park

Lincoln Square Park

444 Mountain Blvd

261 11th Street





Linden Park998 42nd SteetOaklandCA
Lowell Park1180 14th StreetOaklandCA
Mandana Plaza Park600 Mandana Avenue & Lakeshore Ave.OaklandCA
Manzanita Park2701 22nd AvenueOaklandCA
Marj Saunders Park5750 Ascot DriveOaklandCA
Marston Campbell Park17th Street & West StreetOaklandCA
Maxwell Park4618 Allendale AvenueOaklandCA
McClymonds Mini Park2528 Linden StreetOaklandCA
McCrea Park4460 Shepard StreetOaklandCA
Montclair Park6300 Moraga AvenueOaklandCA
Montclair Railroad TrailLaSalle Ave. & Lucas Ave.OaklandCA
Morcom Rose Garden700 Jean StreetOaklandCA
Morgan Plaza Park21st Avenue & E 26th StreetOaklandCA
Mosswood Park & Dog Park3612 Webster StreetOaklandCA
Nicol ParkNicol Ave. & Coolidge Ave.OaklandCA
Oak Glen ParkRichmond BoulevardOaklandCA
Officer Willie Wilkins Park9700 C StreetOaklandCA
Ostrander Park6151 Broadway TerraceOaklandCA
Park Blvd Plaza Park2100 Park BoulevardOaklandCA
Peralta Hacienda Park2500 34th AvenueOaklandCA
Peralta Oaks ParkPeralta Oaks & 106th AvenueOaklandCA
Peralta Park94 East 10th StreetOaklandCA
Piedmont Plaza Park4182 Piedmont AvenueOaklandCA
Pine Knoll ParkLakeshore Ave. & Hanover Ave.OaklandCA
Pinto Park5000 Redwood RoadOaklandCA
Poplar Park3131 Union StreetOaklandCA
Raimondi Park1800 Wood StreetOaklandCA
Rainbow Park5800 International BoulevardOaklandCA
Rancho Peralta Park34 E 10th StreetOaklandCA
Redondo ParkRedondo/ClarkeOaklandCA
Redwood Heights Park3883 Aliso AvenueOaklandCA
Rockridge Park6090 Rockridge BoulevardOaklandCA
Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt (FROG Park)Along Temescal Creek, Hudson Street to Redondo ParkOaklandCA
Saint Andrews Plaza32nd St. & San Pablo Ave.OaklandCA
San Antonio Park1701 E 19th StreetOaklandCA
Sequoia Lodge Park2666 Mountain BoulevardOaklandCA
Sheffield Village Park247 Marlow DriveOaklandCA
Shepherd Canyon Park6000 Shepherd Canyon RoadOaklandCA
Snow Park19th Street & Harrison StreetOaklandCA
Sobrante Park470 El Paseo DriveOaklandCA
South Prescott Park3rd Street/Chester AvenueOaklandCA
Splash Pad ParkGrand Avenue & LakeparkOaklandCA
Stonehurst Park10315 E StreetOaklandCA
Tassafaronga Park85th Avenue & E StreetOaklandCA
Temescal Creek ParkCavour & Clifton StreetOaklandCA
Tomas Melero-Smith1461 65th AvenueOaklandCA
Tyrone Carney Park10501 Acalanes DriveOaklandCA
Union Plaza3399 Peralta StreetOaklandCA
Union Point Park2311 EmbarcaderoOaklandCA
Vantage Point Park1198 13th AvenueOaklandCA
Verdese Carter Park9600 Sunnyside StreetOaklandCA
Wade Johnson Park1250 Kirkham StreetOaklandCA
William "Bill" Patterson Park9175 Edes AvenueOaklandCA
William Wood Park2920 McKillop RoadOaklandCA
Willow Mini Park14th Street & Willow StreetOaklandCA
Willow Mini Park1368 Willow StreetOaklandCA
Wilma Chan Park810 Jackson StreetOaklandCA
Wood Park2920 McKillop RoadOaklandCA
Wood Street Pocket ParkWood St/14th StreetOaklandCA

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