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OPD Organization and Culture Advisory Board

An advisory board of the Reimagining Public Safety Taskforce.

Date Posted: October 14th, 2020 @ 8:27 AM
Last Updated: October 16th, 2020 @ 8:35 PM

Advisory Board Tasks

This working group will help the Task Force make recommendations by:

  1. Recommending new accountability measures to hold officers accountable and dismiss officers who should no longer be on the force due to consistently poor performance or egregious incidents;
  2. Determining new policies and trainings needed to vastly improve/transform what remains of OPD;
  3. Developing a perspective on OPD’s approach to community engagement and role in a reimagined public safety system;
  4. Leveraging the knowledge of the CPAB, including a review of the NSC/NCPC system.

OPD Organization and Culture Advisory Board Members

Leo Mercer District 1
Paula Hawthorn District 1
Michael Ubell District 1
Casey (Catherine) Cummings District 2
Clinton Karr District 2
Dalia Gomez District 2
Christina Petersen District 2
Paul Burton District 2
Hannah Dillard District 3
Nicole Arlette Hirsch District 3
Saturu Ned District 3
Chris Rachal District 3
Tim Salau District 3
Michael Tigges District 3
Wilson Riles District 4
Jennifer Zilliac District 4
KaSelah Crockett District 5
Barrett Valentine District 5
Donald Dalke

District 6

Cheryl Fabio District 6
Terri McWilliams District 6
Ahmed Muhammad District 6
Towanda Sherry District 6
Mary Forte District 7
Giovanni Hernandez District 7
Henrietta Manuel-Fabio District 7
Nina Carter Non-Oakland Resident
Florence Mccrary Non-Oakland Resident
Chris Soto Non-Oakland Resident

*Reserved for directly impacted person from an underrepresented City Council district.