Alternate Responses, Programs, and Investments Advisory Board

An advisory board of the Reimagining Public Safety Taskforce.

Date Posted: October 14th, 2020 @ 8:27 AM
Last Updated: October 19th, 2020 @ 2:21 PM

Advisory Board Tasks

This working group will help the Task Force make recommendations by gathering and assessing data about alternatives to policing that increase safety, including:

  1. Emergency responses to, e.g., mental health crises, intimate partner violence, incidents in schools, people who are unsheltered;
  2. Areas that may be suitable for decriminalization, such as quality of life and other non-violent infractions;
  3. Community-based programs that can replace and/or civilianization of a police function, such as transformative justice circles, community care pods, and violence interrupters;
  4. Overview and operation of emergency and non-emergency phone numbers;
  5. Targeted community investments to address root causes of poverty and violence, including investments in programs that prevent crime (e.g., job creation (youth/adults), housing, education, and recreational activities).

Alternate Responses, Programs, and Investments Advisory Board Members

Angel Arellano District 1
Bridget Cervelli District 1
Melissa Charles District 1
Aisha Elbgal District 1
Laurie Leiber District 1
Eve Delfin District 2
Samrawit Gessese District 2
Margaret Grimsley District 2
Tony Marks-Block District 2
Michelle Thomas District 2
Sophia Young District 2
Dave Campbell District 3
Emily Fenster District 3
Katherine Liu District 3
Yoana Tchoukleva District 3
Kristina Bedrossian District 4
Matt Bush District 4
Denise Curtis District 4
Savannah O'Neill District 4
Tiffany Jones District 5
Heather Manchester District 5
Robert Paige District 5
Theolisa Williams District 5
Tash Nguyen District 5
Liam Chinn District 6
Amanda Majail-Blanco District 6
David Jordan District 6
Olivia Lucas District 6
Jennifer Guevara District 7
Ricardo Garcia-Acosta District 7
Luciano Calderon District 7
Haleema Bharoocha Non-Oakland Resident

*Reserved for directly impacted person from an underrepresented City Council district.