Read on to find helpful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding CERT Training in Oakland.

Posted: February 9th, 2021 6:40 PM

Last Updated: September 27th, 2023 3:32 PM

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What is the difference between a 3-Day Accelerated CERT class and a Hybrid CERT class?

Oakland CERT Basic Training takes 24 hours to complete. Certain parts of Oakland CERT Basic training must be completed in person.

The CORE Program delivers CERT training in two ways; via Hybrid delivery, or via an accelerated delivery.

3-Day Accelerated Delivery: the 24 hour training is completed in 3 days, in-person, at the Oakland Fire Training Division. Each day is roughly 8 hours long.

Hybrid Delivery: a portion of the 24 hour training is completed virtually/online via independent study modules. Participants are invited to join a weekly Zoom "office hours" meeting to review and reinforce the emergency response concepts discussed in the e-learning modules. The weekly Zoom Office Hours are not mandatory as they are recorded and posted online for reference.

Once the online modules (CERT Basic Modules 1-8, the Final Exam, & the Triage Module) have been verified as completed. Participants will be invited to meet for the second portion of the Hybrid CERT Basic Training which takes place in-person at the Oakland Fire Training Division.

This second portion of the Hybrid CERT delivery is called the Skills Training and Assessment and usually occurs over a weekend (Sat/Sun). Each in-person day is roughly 8 hours long.

I have completed CERT Training with another City or FEMA Sponsored Program. Is my certification valid in Oakland?

Upon receipt of verification of CERT training certification from the issuing agency, and in order to make sure that we are promoting the best and most current practices consistently, previously certified CERT members will be invited to take or participate in a refresher course/workshop where Oaklands CERT Instruction team will provide you with a new/current skills assessment for the City of Oakland.

Based on your performance in the refresher course/workshop, you may be invited to re-train with us via the Oakland CERT training or, you may be encouraged to move forward and complete the written portion of the Oakland CERT assessment.

How does CERT training compare to the old "CORE Training" modules?

Click here to see how CORE Modules I, II, and III equate to the FEMA-CERT curriculum.