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Improving parking availability and access to businesses by adjusting meter rates according to demand.


The OakPark+ Demand Responsive Parking Program aims to improve curbside parking availability and access to Oakland's business areas through variable pricing according to demand.

OakDOT staff have studied curbside parking demand in Jack London and will develop a rate proposal that reflects the demand for curbside parking spaces. The demand responsive rate proposal will include Value Zones and Premium Zones, similar to areas in Oakland where the program has been implemented, including Chinatown and Montclair.

Blocks with less curbside parking demand will be priced as Value Zones. They will have lower prices to encourage parking there. Blocks with high demand will be priced as Premium Zones. Prices will be higher here to encourage more turnover and free up more parking spaces. The lowest meter price will be set to promote parking availability near your favorite destinations in Jack London.

When the study is complete, a map of zones and rates will be available to view and download at the bottom of this page.

When implemented, new parking signs will be installed to clearly show which blocks are in the Value and Premium Zones.

Through community engagement, OakDOT has heard concerns about the availability and safety of curbside parking. These issues impact the safety and vibrancy of Jack London. Limited parking availability makes it more difficult for visitors to access businesses and encourages drivers to double park or misuse loading zones.

OakDOT staff will evaluate the program after the meter rates are adjusted to understand if parking availability has improved.

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