July 19, 2024: The City of Oakland is aware of a global computer outage affecting jurisdictions worldwide. Oakland's 911 call lines remain active and open to receive emergency calls from our community. Please continue to report emergencies by dialing 9-1-1.

Join the City of Oakland + Alameda County for the Annual Point in Time (PIT) Count!

When: January 25, 2024 | Location: Across City of Oakland

PIT 2024 Volunteer Flyer Flyers

Be a Part of the Change in Our Community!

Alameda County in partnership with the City of Oakland City Administrator's Office Homelessness Division invites you to participate in the annual Point in Time (PIT) count. This crucial event helps us understand the scale of homelessness in our community. We are seeking 400+ volunteers to ensure a comprehensive and meaningful count.

What is PIT?

The Point in Time count is an annual census of our neighbors experiencing homelessness. This count includes individuals and families sleeping outside, in vehicles, in emergency shelters, and transitional housing. Conducted by community volunteers, PIT provides a snapshot of homelessness on a single night in Oakland County.

Why is PIT Important to Cities and Counties?

  • Allocates Resources: It helps determine the allocation of funding and resources for homeless services for local, county, state & federal agencies.
  • Informs Policy: PIT count data is vital in shaping effective homelessness policies and programs.
  • Raises Awareness: The count increases community awareness about the challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness

How is This Information Used?

Data from the PIT count is used to:

  • Guide Decisions: Inform local government and non-profits in developing strategies to address homelessness.
  • Support Services: Enhance the capacity and quality of services provided to the homeless population.
  • Track Progress: Measure the changes of the homelessness population and the effectiveness of current interventions and identify areas for improvement.

Why Volunteer?

Your participation is key to the success of the PIT count. Volunteers help in surveying, data collection, and engagement with the homeless community. Your contribution will provide invaluable insights that aid in the development of targeted solutions.

We Need You:

  • Individuals: Bring your compassion and commitment to make a difference.
  • Private Sector: Show your corporate social responsibility by encouraging employee participation.
  • Community Organizations: Collaborate with us to strengthen our community's response to homelessness.


  • Sign Up: https://alameda24.pointintime.info. Make sure to select "OAKLAND" for your service location.
  • Training: Attend a brief virtual training session to prepare for the count.
  • Participate: Join us on January 25 to conduct the PIT count across Oakland and Alameda County. There will also be other administrative and logistical support volunteer activities in preparation for this event.

Your involvement in the PIT count reflects the strength and compassion of our community. Together, we can gain a clearer understanding of homelessness in Oakland and work towards effective solutions.

Let's Count, Oakland!

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