The City of Oakland Prepares for Return of In-Person Meetings, Effective March 1, 2023

Date Posted: February 22nd, 2023 @ 8:37 PM
Last Updated: March 1st, 2023 @ 5:13 PM

As the COVID-19 State of Emergency is lifted in California effective February 28, 2023, all public meetings including City Council and Boards and Commission meetings will be required to be held in person again.

All public bodies subject to the Brown Act were temporarily allowed by Assembly Bill 361 to have online-only meetings during the state of emergency. As the emergency order is lifted by the State of California on February 28, 2023, all public meetings including Oakland City Council and Boards and Commission meetings will be required to be held in-person again under California state law.

For meetings beginning March 1, agendas will list the in-person meeting location and any options to view the meeting remotely.

City Council meetings will allow for hybrid participation, allowing the community to participate and comment on agenda items both in-person and online. You can find more information about upcoming meetings and how to participate on the City’s website at

Board & Commission meetings may be streamed over Zoom. If Zoom access is available, the published agenda will include Zoom login information. Please note that the City is currently facing network issues, and while we hope that they are resolved prior to March 1, users may have issues logging in to observe meetings. We will try to keep the public informed of its ability to connect to meetings as it evolves.

Meetings streamed over Zoom may be viewed online by computer/mobile device or by phone. Meetings with Zoom access will not initially support online participation. Community members who would like to comment on board or commission agenda items will need to do so in person.

Please note that several board and commission meetings are live-streamed over KTOP. You may access the KTOP program schedule here: The meeting agendas will include information about the meeting, including start time, location, and any options to observe or listen to the meeting remotely. Please note that all boards and commissions are required to record and post their meetings; please visit the webpage of the specific board and commission to listen to recordings of past meetings.

Hybrid meetings for boards and commissions will begin once the bodies have established meeting procedures to support hybrid meetings and technology and resources are in place to support on-line meeting participation. For more information about upcoming board and commission meetings and how to participate, visit:

The City is committed to advancing opportunities to make meetings more accessible. Best practices for hybrid meetings are still emerging and the City expects to adjust its processes while it gets feedback from the community, learns from peer agencies, and as it gains experience facilitating both in-person and online participation through the hosting of hybrid City Council meetings.

The City will provide further updates on the return to in-person meetings as they are available. Please check for the latest news and information.

Health & Safety Requirements

Community members, council members and commissioners who are sick should not come to City facilities. Everyone who comes to City Hall is required to check in with building security and go through a temperature screening before entering the building.

Masks are required for entry into City buildings regardless of vaccination status and must be worn throughout the public meeting. The Oakland City Council adopted a resolution on December 22, 2022 that requires City employees, City contractors, patrons and all visitors, who enter City Facilities to wear a face mask. The City will provide face masks to anyone who enters City facilities that doesn’t have one of their own. The current resolution requiring face masks expires on March 31, 2023.

Security Enhancements/Access to City Hall

Community members and Commissioners attending meetings in City Hall must go through the screening stations for access into the building and will be required to sign in at the security desk. There are security guards stationed in City Hall until 11:00 PM Monday through Friday. Coverage for Council meetings lasts until the has meeting has ended. A security guard is also stationed in the lobby of 250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza 24/7. The City will provide additional information about security resources in Frank H. Ogawa Plaza at it becomes available.

Community Feedback and Input

The City knows that virtual meetings have offered means of community participation that some community members will want to preserve or restore as in-person meetings take effect. The City is committed to providing the most equitable and convenient access possible to board and commission meetings. However, we are in new circumstances -- best practices for hybrid community participation are still emerging, and existing equipment, facilities, and staffing cannot accommodate hybrid meetings across the board at this time. The City will be developing solutions and welcomes input and ideas from the community. Let us know about your experiences, needs, and ideas for public meetings by taking the City's Boards and Commissions Community Participation Survey.