Wet Weather Grading Moratorium

Wet Weather Moratorium for Grading work to be in effect from October 15, 2019 to April 15, 2020


Oakland Municipal Code CBC Chapter 18B prohibits the disturbance of soil during the rainy season. Permittees shall not undertake any grading work without the approval of the building official.

Permittees shall also have their site specific best site management practices (BMPs) in place to ensure that there is no soil discharge onto the street or that no landslides occur on the site.

Permittees can apply for consideration to conduct grading work during the wet weather moratorium. Note that site conditions, topography, and demonstrated positive experience conducting grading work within the City of Oakland will be used to determine if a permittee can conduct grading work during the moratorium. An Alternative Methods Request (AMR) application must be submitted for consideration.