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Public Engagement to Develop the West Oakland Truck Management Plan

The TMP is the result of a joint planning effort undertaken by the Port of Oakland and City of Oakland from October 2017 to January 2019 with substantial input from the West Oakland residential and business communities. Community input was obtained through a series of stakeholder workshops, as well as one-on-one meet¬ings, presentations before community and business associations, and surveys. to help us develop this Plan. We will be holding a series of public meetings.


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The public was very involved in the preparation of the West Oakland Truck Management Plan. A series of five public workshops were held from October, 2017 to November 2018, hosted by the City and the Port, to receive public input throughout the development of the Plan.

Click on the "Documents" section above, on this web page, for information about each of the public workshops.

Also please refer to the document titled "Public Engagement Plan for Preparation of the West Oakland Truck Management Plan" for information about how the public engagement was organized and undertaken. For information about effectiveness and outcome of the public engagement, please refer to Appendix F West Oakland Truck Management Plan. The Plan and the appendices are posted on the web page titled West Oakland Truck Management Plan.

Ongoing stakeholder engagement will be undertaken during implementation of the Plan. Please refer to Section III Implementation Approach Ongoing Stakeholder Engagement of the West Oakland Truck Management Plan for more information on this.

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