Stop Work Order Procedure

If you received a Stop Work from a City of Oakland Building Inspector, you must stop all construction activities. Please see below on how to apply for permits to correct the violations.

If you received a Stop Work from a City of Oakland Building Inspector, you must stop all construction activities. You must either revise your permits, correct the violations, and/or apply for permits depending on the type of project, as per the three types below.


If the permitted work does not conform with the approved plans, Conditions of Approval and/or City Ordinances or regulations.

  • Step 1: Submit a Building Worksheet (BW) through the online portal for Revision to your existing plans. If the work is for alterations to the property's exterior, you will also need to submit a Zoning Worksheet (ZW). Go to the online portal Oakland Online Portal and log in to submit the worksheet(s) and plans. Please be sure to note in the description “Revision-Stop Work”.
  • Step 2: You will receive a notification from our office within 1-5 business days. Check your email and Spam email folder.
  • Step 3: If the permit revisions permit staff will contact you through email for the next steps.

Site Management

If the project received a Stop Work Order due to poor site management, including violations of Conditions of Approval and/or City ordinances or regulations, including Best Management Practices (BMPs), Lead Based Paint containment, and Construction Management Plans.

  • Step 1: Correct all violations
  • Step 2: Contact the building inspector for verification of the correction of violations
  • Step 3: Pay the Stop Work Order fees


If the work is unpermitted you will need to:

  • Step 1: Register on our online portal Oakland Online Portal. You may register under “Full Registration” as the Contractor or Owner-Builder.
  • Step 2: Once registered, click "All Available Permits" under Full Registration and determine the type of permit you will need. Click on the Permit type and follow the instructions. Please place “Stop Work Order issued” in the description of the scope of work.
  • Step 3: You will receive an email if your application is accepted or if it is incomplete and more information is needed within 1-5 business days. (Check your spam email folder)
  • Step 4: Once the application submittal is complete you may be scheduled for a Virtual appointment with a Permit Technician to review your application and determine the next steps.

Appointments and Hours of Operation

All permit applications are now electronic, please visit the Permits page for more information.

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Stop Work Order Penalties

ALL Stop Work Orders issued shall be assessed a Stop Work Order fee and are subject to additional enforcement fees, administrative charges and penalties.

Permit fees may be assessed at two (2x) or more for permits originated because of a STOP WORK ORDER issued due to unpermitted work. The assessment of two (2x) or more permit fees is in addition to Stop Work fees.

Demolition of structures without a demolition permit shall be assessed a 10X permit fee in addition to the Stop Work order fee.