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Public Art Ordinance and Documents

In 1989 the City of Oakland adopted the Public Art Ordinance (11086 C.M.S.) which authorizes the allocation of 1.5% of municipal capital improvement project costs for commissioning of public artwork. These monies are set aside in the Public Art Project Account for administration by Public Art Program staff. In July of 2019, the Percent for Public Art Ordinance (13562 C.M.S.) was amended and restated to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Public Art Advisory Committee and the Cultural Affairs Commission.

In 2014 the City adopted a new requirement for .5% of residential or 1% of nonresidential private development project costs for public art. In June of 2018, the municipal code was amended to adopt Chapter 15.78, Public Art Requirements for Private Development (13491 C.M.S.).

The Public Art Advisory Committee reviews all public art projects funded in whole or in part by the City as well as projects proposed for placement in the Public Right of Way, and on City or Caltrans property. The proposal requirements are detailed in the policy documents listed below.

The City charges an fee for review, facilitation and approval of these projects, according to the City's Master Fee Schedule, page L1, Economic and Workforce Development/Public Art Program.

Please contact Public Art Program staff for further direction and with any questions. 


Oakland Public Art Ordinances and Guidelines

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