City of Oakland Master Fee Schedules

The Master Fee Schedule List the fees associated with City Services


City of Oakland Master Fee Schedule 2016-2017 (PDF)

The City Council adopted the FY 2016-17 Master Fee Schedule on April 19, 2016. The Master Fee Schedule reflects to City’s Policy on Fees and Charges.

The Budget Office generally maintains the Schedule. This includes reviewing requests to change the document, periodic review of fees and recommendations to the Council.

All City Agencies have a role in fee schedule policies and maintenance. All Agencies and Departments that levy fees are responsible for:

  1. Including all fees levied in the Master Fee Schedule;
  2. Keeping updated copies of the Schedule available and in clear display;
  3. Proposing fees which reflect the cost of services provided by the City; and
  4. Revise fees every year or propose changes in fees. These fees must be consistent with the intent of the Master Fee Schedule.