Oakland 2045 General Plan | Safety Element

The Safety Element is a required chapter of the General Plan and is a policy framework to guide the public decision-making process on addressing natural and human-caused hazards.

Oakland Safety Element, Adopted 9/26/23

Safety Element Public Hearing Draft Out Now! (July 2023)

The Safety Element aims to protect residents, workers, and visitors from seismic and geologic hazards, fire hazards, hazardous materials, flooding, and other potential hazards that risk life and property. The Element uses an equity lens through its hazards analysis and prioritizes vulnerable communities in the development of its goals, policies, and actions. Staff will be taking the Safety Element Public Hearing Draft to the Planning Commission and City Council for adoption this summer and fall. These Adoption hearings shall conclude Phase 1 of the City of Oakland’s 2045 General Plan Update.

City Releases Safety Element Public Review Draft! (March 2023)

The City of Oakland is extremely pleased to announce the release of the Draft Safety Element for public review and feedback! The Safety Element Update provides a gameplan for addressing natural and human-caused disasters and improving our resilience to climate change impacts. The Draft Safety Element is accompanied by a Racial Equity Impact Analysis (REIA) that analyzes the Element to support the development of equitable policies that are concrete, data-driven, outcome-oriented, and problem-solving.

The Draft Safety Element was available for 90-day comment period between March 24, 2023, and June 22, 2023.

Oakland's Safety Element

The Safety Element Update in Phase 1 of the General Plan Update will develop overarching goals and policies to address fire and flood hazard management for critical facilities, non-conforming development to contemporary fire safe standards (e.g., road standards and vegetation hazards), emergency evacuation routes per SB99, emergency evacuation, climate adaptation, sea level rise, drought, and identify capital improvement programs to improve the City’s resilience to natural and human-caused hazards.

Safety Element Factsheets

Project Documents

Safety Element Video

Check out our new Safety Element video, featuring local community leaders!

Spotlighting Community Voices on Safety

As part of the Safety Element Update, we're showcasing a few community perspectives on climate resilience and hazards preparedness from local leaders and community members. The opinions expressed within these videos are solely those of the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of the City of Oakland or its staff.

Past Focus Groups

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Safety Element Focus Group Discussion 1


Safety Element Focus Group Discussion 2


Safety Element Focus Group Discussion 3

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Safety Element Timeline

  • March 2023 - Public Review Draft Released

    90-day public review period begins

  • April-June 2023 - Community Engagement

    Focused public engagement on Safety Element through in-person events, Town Halls, and pop-ups, as well as through public meetings including study sessions by Planning Commission and City Council committees

  • July 2023 - Public Hearing Draft Published

    Staff takes the Public Hearing Draft to the Planning Commission and City Council for adoption

  • June-July 2023 - Incorporate Public Feedback

    Incorporate public feedback on the Safety Element; California Board of Forestry review and approval

  • August-September 2023 - Adoption Hearings

    Public hearings on the adoption of the Safety Element

  • September 26, 2023

    City Council adopts Safety Element Update

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