OakDOT Race and Equity Team

This team's objective is to transparently share race and equity efforts at the City's Department of Transportation and hold the Department accountable for race and equity issues in transportation.


The City of Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) Race and Equity Team (RET) supports a broad vision for equitable transportation outcomes for Oakland's diverse community. The OakDOT RET will work to implement this vision in accordance with the OakDOT Strategic Plan, with the support of the Department Director through the adoption of the Race and Equity Charter (the “Charter”), and execution of the OakDOT Race and Equity Action Plan (the “Action
Plan” and to be developed). The overall mission of the RET is to end systemic causes of racial disparity through improving and developing policies, programs, and practices at OakDOT. The RET mission is supported by the Department of Race and Equity and the Administrative Instructions such as 580 - Race and Equity and 6802 - Community Engagement. This mission is a challenging and long-term effort that requires dedication and commitment from all levels of staff.

The OakDOT RET is guided by:

  1. Oakland Municipal Code 2.29.170 - Department of Race and Equity
  2. Department of Race & Equity
  3. OakDOT Strategic Plan
  4. OakDOT Race and Equity Team Charter

The OakDOT RET includes three (3) active Subcommittees:

Community Engagement - The mission of the Community Engagement Subcommittee is to increase our department’s understanding of, commitment to, and investment in robust public engagement that prioritizes Oakland’s most underserved communities. Cities do the most good when they are designed and implemented with the coordination of the people receiving service. We know there are significant disparities regarding which Oakland communities are able to access resources, influence decision-making and demand the City’s attention. We will work toward rebalancing this disparity by establishing transparent and equitable standards for community engagement, working with our leadership and staff to provide the necessary support and resources to meet those standards, and holding our leadership accountable for sustained commitment to this work.

Data Analytics - The mission of the Data Analytics Subcommittee is to advance equity through data driven analysis. By providing tools for equity analysis, we will hold the Department of Transportation accountable to the equity goals of the Strategic Plan.

Recruitment & Retention - The mission of the Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee is to adopt and adapt equitable policies that result in a diverse staff reflective of the community we serve.