Keep Oakland Safe & Protected

We must continue to progress our goals to reimagine and transform our public safety system. As we face growing challenges through the pandemic, it is critical that proven strategies and approaches are resourced and implemented.

2021 Media Mentions

Council Actions & Legislative Wins

Adopted District 7 Budget Amendments

  • Increased 911 response times
  • Traffic calming and sideshow deterrence support
  • Security cameras to help protect our business corridors
  • Increased investment in graffiti abatement and public art mural funds
  • Funding for a targeted traffic safety and violence prevention program
  • Workforce development and services

Council American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Allocations

  • Restorated full funding of fire department services to protect public safety and health

  • Restored Ceasefire Operations ($640,000)

  • Restored Sideshow Enforcement ($234,208)

  • Restored Traffic Enforcement ($495,500)

  • Restored Community Resource Officers ($284,500)

  • Restored Fire Department services/stations ($800,000)

  • Sustained Violence Prevention Programs based on estimated Measure Z Shortfall ($800,000)

  • Transferred MACRO Program from Department of Violence Prevention (DVP) to Oakland Fire Department (OFD) ($1,850,000)

  • Summer wildfire prevention ($200,000)

  • ShotSpotter Expansion ($55,800)

  • Gun Tracing Equipment to help track and stop gun violence and illegal gun dealing ($150,000)

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