Dispensary Permit Process


Phase 1: Application Submission - Ended 11/20/2017

The City received 116 applicants for eight available permits.

Phase 2: Equity Applicant Selection - 1/31/2018

  • Applicant selection for four Equity dispensary permits: The City held a public drawing that selected four Equity applicants to move to Phase 3 of the cannabis dispensary permit process: Alphonso T. Blunt Jr., Marshall Crosby, Rickey McCullough, and Zhongzhang Yan.
  • Applicant selection for the remaining four dispensary permits: The City selected four additional applicants, via a competitive scoring process, who can move to Phase 3: Kanna, Inc., Have a Heart, Ron Leggett, and Three Turkeys Management, LLC.

Find out more from the press release and video of the applicant selection.

Phase 3: Site Identification - Spring 2018

  • Location identification: Applicants selected for Phase Three will have up to ninety (90) days to identify a location for their dispensary that complies with the location restrictions under OMC 5.80 that the applicant either owns, leases, or has entered an intent to lease agreement with the property owner.
  • Public hearing: The proposed location shall then be subject to a public hearing as provided by OMC 5.80.020 (E) during which the community will be allowed to present concerns, support, and/or additional considerations. The City encourages Phase Three applicants to use this time to introduce themselves to potential neighbors, businesses and community groups near their proposed dispensary and listen to any concerns these neighbors might have regarding the operation of a dispensary.
  • Conditional approval: After the public hearing, the hearing officer can conditionally approve the dispensary applicant subject to review and approval of the building, fire, revenue and police departments. Alternatively, the hearing officer can deny the proposed location but offer the applicant one additional 45-day period to identify an alternative site and obtain approval.
  • Approval failure: If an applicant fails to obtain approval for a location in the above-described timelines, the respective general or equity applicant runner up will be notified and allowed to proceed to Phase 3.

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