Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Businesses

Only rain down the storm drain!

Business Self Inspection Checklist

Waste Management Regulations for All Businesses and Food Service Materials Regulations

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  • Mandatory Weekly Recycle, Compost, and Trash Removal
  • State and Local Recycling and Composting Laws
  • Single Use Disposables at Restaurants
  • Acceptable Food Service Ware for Restaurants
  • Prohibited packaging

Legal obligations for businesses to prevent storm water pollution

All storm drains in Oakland lead directly to creeks, lakes, and the Bay.

Businesses are required by law to prevent storm water pollution from their business site and operations.

Discharge of foreign material into the storm drain or street violates Oakland’s Creek Protection and Storm Water Management and Discharge Control Ordinance (Oakland Municipal Code section 13.16.07), pollutes waterways, can damage sensitive habitats, and can kill wildlife.

If wastes and wash waters from a business enters the storm drain system, that business may have to pay clean up costs and fines, have permits revoked, or even go to jail for causing storm water pollution.

For more information visit the Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program's webpage and Oakland's Business Stormwater Inspection webpage.