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Terminate Your Campaign

After the election, campaign committees must fully account for their financial activity before closing the account.

Before you Start

To close your campaign account, you must meet ALL the conditions listed below:

  • File all required campaign statements.
  • Campaign bank account has a $0 balance.
  • Further contributions cannot be accepted.
  • Further expenditures cannot be made.
  • The committee is not expecting a refund for fees paid from committee funds.

What to Do

  1. Submit a Statement of Organization (Form 410) to the California Secretary of State marked "termination."
  2. Submit a copy of the termination Form 410 to the Public Ethics Commission.
  3. Submit a final campaign statement (Form 460) through the termination date.

Need to Know

  • Defeated candidates who filed the Form 470 have no reporting obligations after the election if they did not raise or spend $2,000 or more during the election.
  • Successful candidates (officeholders) who filed the Form 470 and who do not raise or spend $2,000 or more during the calendar year are required to file the Form 470 by July 31 each year if their elected position pays them $200 or more per month.

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