File Campaign Statements and Reports

When campaign activity reaches $2,000 or more, committees must file campaign statements mandated by California‘s Political Reform Act with the Public Ethics Commission through the City of Oakland's free Electronic Filing System.

What to Do

  1. Register with the Public Ethics Commission

    Before you can file a campaign statement or report, register your committee with the Public Ethics Commission by submitting OCRA Form 300 along with a copy of the committee's Statement of Organization (Form 410).

    Download OCRA Form 300
  2. Create a NetFile User and Link to Your Campaign Account

    Once your committee registers, a welcome letter with your committee credentials is sent to the committee email address. Now you are ready to create your user account, link to your campaign, and enter the committee's information.

    Create New User Account
  3. Request campaign filer training (recommended)

    If you are new to NetFile's Electronic Filing System, or need a refresher, use the link to request free filer app training.

    Request training
  4. File Your Campaign Statements and Reports

    Enter campaign contributions and expenditures, create draft forms, and file statements and reports online from your NetFile account.

    Log in

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