Shared Use Manufacturing Facilities

The City of Oakland is seeking to advance opportunities for equity manufacturers by sponsoring two separate shared-use manufacturing facilities for a one-year period through grant funds received from the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC). These facilities will provide equity applicants with both compliant locations to manufacture products and support in distributing products to retailers.

Here is a complete Overview of the Shared Use Kitchen Facilities.

Deadline to submit your application was Friday, October 2, 2020.

The list of the Equity Applicant Manufacturers selected to use the shared kitchen facilities can be found here.

For those who were unable to join the introductory meeting on September 15th over zoom with EquityWorks! Incubator and the Oakland Cannabis Kitchen, here is a link to the video of the meeting and the virtual tours of their facilities. Password: ^6$UOVe?

Equity Works! Incubator

The goal of EquityWorks! Incubator is to train, empower, and build capacity for full engagement in the cannabis market, especially for communities who have been historically targeted by the War on Drugs to break into the legal cannabis industry.

Oakland Cannabis Kitchen

The Oakland Cannabis Kitchen is a family run company with the sole purpose to help other people. We started with a vision to lower the bar to entry into the California legal cannabis market.