Respond to a Petition

Opposing parties may respond to a petition filed against them within 35 calendar days from the date of mailing on the proof of service for the notice of case and hearing.

Respond to a Tenant Petition
Respond to a Property Owner Petition

Property Owner and Tenant Responses may be completed online or a PDF version may be downloaded and mailed to the address listed below. All responses must be received in the Rent Adjustment Program office on the 35th calendar day from the proof of service included with the notice of case and hearing.

Property Owner responses require proof of payment of the Business Tax License and Rent Adjustment Program (RAP) fee. Please attach copies to your response to prevent any delay in consideration of your response. Tenants and Property Owners may attach any additional documentation to responses for consideration.

Please note: only the response forms themselves will be sent to the opposing party. You may view all attachments in the Rent Program office by scheduling a file review. File reviews are conducted by appointment only. Please call (510) 238-3721 to schedule an appointment.

For any questions you may contact the analyst assigned to your case or you may call the main line at (510) 238-3721.

Mailing Address:

Rent Adjustment Program

250 Frank Ogawa Plaza Ste. 5313

Oakland, CA 94612