Respond to a Tenant Petition for the Rent Adjustment Program

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Owner Responses may only be filed either by downloading and filling out a paper form (see above) or by filing online through the RAP online petition and response system (portal).

Note: You cannot file an online response to a petition through the portal unless you have access to either the RAP case number or the electronic petition number (which only exists if the petitioner filed their petition through the online system).

All other responses should be submitted on paper via mail to the Rent Adjustment Program Office at 250 Frank Ogawa Plaza Ste. 5313 Oakland, CA 94612; or via email at

All responses must be received in the Rent Adjustment Program office on the 30th calendar day from the date of the proof of service for the notice if the notice was served in person; and 35th calendar day from the date of the proof of service for notices that were served by mail.

How To Respond to a Tenant Petition

There are 3 ways for property owners to respond to a Tenant Petition with the Rent Adjustment Program:

1.) By Email: Download and complete the response form above. You may email the form to RAP at Once RAP has accepted your response form, you will receive a confirmation email.

2.) By Mail: Due to the Shelter-in-Place Order, we are no longer accepting in-person response forms in our office. All responses can be submitted by mail to the address below:

Rent Adjustment Program

250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 5313

Oakland, CA 94612

3.) Online Response Filing: We also offer an online portal where you can submit your response. To file a response online, click here.