Technical Assistance Program Make Green Go

Make Green Go is the City's consultant assigned to provide technical assistance with establishing a compliant cannabis business. Make Green Go delivers technical assistance through workshops, consultations and online training for Equity applicants in all phases of their start-up process.

"Want free technical assistance from Make Green Go? Please complete this intake form and once, we have verified your equity status you will have access to services."

#1: New Consultants

We have a new team of consultants to provide robust 1:1 Consultations. They are new to us but, experienced in the cannabis industry. You can schedule 1:1's for Business Plan Review, Financial Plan Review and Cannabis Compliance on Equity Bootcamp starting today!

#2: New Services

We have new a new webinar series we will launch in October. The Live Webinar series will be a safe space to meet our new consultants, better understand your needs for T.A. and get your feedback. More details coming to your inbox soon!

Oh, we're working on new course content for Equity Bootcamp and will be conducting friendly compliance audits and more.

#3: Get Connected

Lastly, you're not alone. We see you but, you don't see each other. It doesn't have to be that way. Get seen on Equity Connect and get connected. If you haven't yet requested an account, sign up here now to get connected! We know how much it matters to you, to get what you need and when you need it. That's why we have new Community Managers on Equity Connect who are trained and ready to engage with you. GET READY, GET SET, LET'S GO!


Verified Equity Applicants are applicants who have applied for a cannabis permit in the City of Oakland and have been verified by the City Administrator's office as a Qualified Equity Applicant.



  • Compliance Workshops
  • Subject Matter Experts


  • Business Coaching
  • Document Review
  • Business Plan Review
  • Compliance Related Topics


  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Business Plan Development
  • State of California Licensing Information


  • Sample Plans & Templates
  • Start-Up Advice
  • Industry Research
  • Legal Resources
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Funding Sources

How to Receive Technical Assistance Services:

  1. Create a NEW ACCOUNT or SIGN-IN to an already existing account.
  2. We will verify your equity status with the City Administrator's office.
  3. Verified Equity Applicants will receive a confirmation email and access to restricted content on Equity Bootcamp.