Loan & Grant Opportunities

Below please find information on current grant and loan opportunities for cannabis equity applicants.



The City is currently not processing any new loan applications due to lack of staff and funding. City staff anticipates that the Special Activity Permits Division will be fully staffed by the fall of 2024, at which point City staff will examine whether enough loan repayments have been made to support the issuance of new loans.


In December 2023 the City Council adopted Resolution No. 90014 C.M.S. to allow equity applicants who had received a loan from the City of Oakland with the option of converting their loan balance into a grants, with the converted amount counting against an equity applicant’s future grant eligibility.   

During the May 7th equity stakeholders meeting, the Office of Knox and Ross and Oaksterdam University discussed the pros and cons of converting a loan to a grant, particularly around tax liability and how/when to convert a loan into a grant to minimize tax liability.  If you were unable to attend, below please click here to access the meeting. Passcode: N+ti6XBS

If you are interested in converting your outstanding loan balance into a grant, please complete the Loan Conversion Request form and return it to

Our office will then review your request and prepare a loan balance sheet to share with you for your review before moving forward with converting the loan to a grant.  If you have any questions regarding the loan to grant conversion process, feel free to email


The City of Oakland's Special Activity Permits Division is now processing loans and grants for cannabis equity applicants in house. Below please find a list of current and upcoming grants opportunities for equity applicants:



In the Spring of 2024, the City of Oakland (City) received its fifth grant from the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (Go-Biz) to support cannabis equity businesses with start-up and ongoing costs in a total amount of three million dollars ($3,000,000).  The Go-Biz #5 grant period ends October 31, 2025.  Based on past feedback from equity applicants and the fact that the City is now processing grants internally, the City is making Go-Biz #5 funds available to equity applicants through one simple grant process.  Accordingly, grants of up to fifty thousand ($50,000) are available to equity businesses that EITHER:

(a) have been in business for two or more years (as demonstrated by City business tax certificates)


(b) utilize or manage a shared-use manufacturing facility.

Additionally, if you have not already, provide the City with receipts demonstrating how you spent at least 50% of the last City grant or loan you received by emailing your receipts to 

For loan recipients ensure that you are current on your loan repayments to the City.


FAQ for Go Biz #5


Before starting your Go Biz #5 Application, have the following documents available to upload with your application:


REQUIRED FORMS:  Must use these templates

Schedule A - Scope of Work  Template  - See Sample 

Schedule B Budget Template -See Sample  (Sample with Supporting Documentation)

Combined Grant Schedule Template - (Must answer all questions)

Additional documentation samples:

Insurance Certificate and Endorsement and Schedule Q- See Sample

Proof of Good Standing with California Secretary of State - See Sample 

Business Tax Certificate (2 years) for non-shared kitchen applicants - See Sample


If you are unable to locate your two (2) years of business tax certificates, you can email or and provide them your business name, address of the business tax certificates you need.

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Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.
Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.