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Excess Litter Fee

Pay Excess Litter Fee

When fees for garbage collection or special assessment district fees [or Excess Litter fees] are not paid in a timely manner, liens may also be sent to the County Assessor.

The City also charges an Excess Litter Fee on certain businesses and late payment of this fee may result in a Lien.


In 2006, The City of Oakland adopted Ordinance 12727, enacting an Excess Litter Fee on Fast Food Businesses, Convenience Markets, Gasoline Station Markets and Liquor Stores. The purpose of this ordinance is to maintain safe, clean and sanitary streets, sidewalks, and public spaces by assessing a fee on businesses known to generate particularly high amounts of disposable materials that end up as trash and litter on the streets. The fee will not only provide the resources to collect and dispose of such trash to keep our City clean, but will also prevent trash and litter from entering the City’s storm water runoff system, and potentially polluting those waters and/or hampering the proper performance of our system.


Fast Food Businesses, Convenience Markets, Gasoline Station Markets, Liquor Stores and Mobile Food Vendors: Every eligible business must file an Excess Litter Fee declaration and pay an annual fee on or before September 30th of each year.

The annual excess litter fee is based on the gross receipts of your business classification:

  • Large Business with annual gross receipts of $1,000,000 or more pay $3,815.00.
  • Medium business with annual gross receipts between $500,000 and $999,999 pay $910.00.
  • Small Business with annual gross receipts between $5,000 and $499,999 pay $230.00.
  • Mobile Food Vendors pay $100.00 per permit.
  • Annual gross receipts between $0 and $4,999 are exempt from the fee.

Note: Gross receipts shall not include the receipts for the sale of alcohol, gasoline or automotive services or products.