Apply for a Zoning Clearance Permit

If your business is in the City of Oakland, even if it is an office in your home, you'll need to get a Zoning Clearance Permit.

Important Notice

PAYMENT IS DUE at the time of submittal. This Clearance covers Zoning Permits ONLY. Other permits such as Building, Fire, City Administrator, or other County of Alameda/State of California permits may be required prior to commencing your business. Please contact the appropriate agency to determine if further permits are necessary.

What to Do

Zoning Clearance Requirements

How to Apply

  1. Apply Online

    Apply through our Online Permit Center (no need to login or register)

Need to Know

If your business will be open to the public, be sure you are also following all applicable local, state and federal laws to ensure access for disabled persons.

The one-time Zoning Clearance Permit means your business can operate at your chosen location and is valid as long as your business operation stays the same and in the same location.

You can get learn more about zoning permits by calling the Zoning Hotline at (510) 238-3911.


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