Re-Roofing & Insulation Certification

Building owners may certify that their re-roofing and insulation projects meet safety and code requirements. Re-Roofing and Insulation Certificates are valid for 180 days after issuance.

Date Posted: June 30th, 2021 @ 4:38 PM
Last Updated: April 7th, 2022 @ 12:15 PM

When Are Certificates Required?

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Re-roofing certificates are required to replace existing roofing tiles and associated roofing material only. If the work includes roof framing or any structural elements, you will need a Building Permit instead of re-roofing certificate.

Insulation certificates are required to replace existing insulation or install insulation only (e.g., at older homes that were originally constructed without any insulation, but required by current Building Code, Section 105).

EXEMPTION: If you have a Building Permit for a project that already includes re-roofing or insulation work, a separate certificate is NOT required.

Who Can Be Issued a Certificate?

  1. Contractors who are licensed by the State of California with a classification appropriate for the work that will be performed and have a current Business Tax Certificate.
  2. Owners of a building or their legal representative.

How to Request a Certificate

PLEASE NOTE: A Re-roof Certificate is for a single structure only. For multiple structures, you must apply for separate re-roofing certificates.


Ready to get started? First, make sure you are registered and activated at our Online Permit Center. For instructions, please visit our Planning & Building Video Tutorials webpage.


  • Apply through our Online Permit Center (must be a fully registered and activated user):
  • Fill out all required form fields for the certificate, including a description of the work
  • Pay all required fee(s)
  • Once we receive your request, you'll receive an automated email with info on how to download the certificate, and instructions to upload the self-certified portion once work is completed


  • Complete the re-roofing and/or insulation work, meeting all safety and code requirements*
    * NOTE:
    After the work is complete, there is no requirement for an inspection.
  • Fill out Section 2 and upload the completed certificate to your record in the Online Permit Center


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