Race & Equity Change Process

Our mission is to create a city where our diversity has been maintained, racial disparities have been eliminated and racial equity has been achieved.

Posted: August 31st, 2018 3:44 PM

Last Updated: January 20th, 2021 8:03 PM


  • Eliminate systemic causes of racial disparities in City Government.
  • Promote inclusion and full participation for all residents of the City.
  • Reduce race-based disparities in our communities.

Race and Equity Working Assumptions

(adapted from Annie E. Casey Race Matters Toolkit)

  • Race matters; almost every indicator of well-being shows troubling disparities by race.
  • Disparities are created and maintained, often inadvertently, through institutionalized policies and practices that contain barriers to opportunity.
  • It’s possible, and only possible, to close equity gaps by using strategies determined through an intentional focus on racial disparities and their root causes.
  • If opportunities in all key areas of well-being are equitable, then equitable results will follow.
  • Given the right message, analysis and tools, people will work toward racial equity.

Race and Equity Change Process

  • Cultivate advocates and their capacity to focus on equity, build infrastructure and political will to support the change, employ new skills/tools to make changes, track and recognize progress
  • Increase awareness of racial inequity, it’s root causes and how it is perpetuated by institutions and systems.
  • Mobilize advocates to organize support for furthering a shared vision of racial equity through institutional leadership, equity teams and staff engagement in change efforts.
  • Develop strategic plans and tools for analysis and resources for advancing racial equity goals, including specific racial equity outcomes.
  • Train staff to apply pro-equity tools to change structures, policies, practices and procedures to further institutional transformation.
  • Establish baseline disparity data, targets/benchmarks and processes to track and report outcomes.
  • Collaborate with community and other institutions/partners to identify and address cumulative impacts of institutional and structural inequity in Oakland.