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The Oakland Firesafe Council is a grassroots community-based organization dedicated to mobilizing the people of Oakland to reduce the risks of wildfire danger to people and property through outreach, programs, and projects. Members are residents of the Oakland Hills, survivors of the 1991 Tunnel Fire, open space/park stewards and others working to reduce the risks of wildfire in the Oakland hills. The Oakland Firesafe Council is an affiliate of the Diablo Firesafe Council, serving Alameda and Contra Costa counties. The Oakland Firesafe Council is launching a new program called Oakland Community Preparedness and Response (OCPR). This program will provide awareness and educational workshops, materials and on-going support to help increase the overall community preparedness level and to improve disaster response capabilities. The OCPR outreach, workshops and support are planned to commence in January, 2020. The OCPR program is funded by a grant from CAL FIRE (https://www.fire.ca.gov/) Oakland City Council approved matching funds from the City of Oakland in the 2019-2021 budget. OCPR’s goals are to increase the number and effectiveness of organized neighborhoods, promote NFPA Firewise USA certifications, coordinate CORE emergency preparedness and response training and communicate evacuation and notification procedures, among other activities. The program will focus on the Oakland Hills and foothills areas first—communities most at risk of a wildfire or earthquake disaster. OCPR hinges on community involvement, starting with NCPCs, Neighborhood Associations and organized neighborhood groups. OCPR is requesting that the leads of these organizations email ocpr@oaklandfiresafecouncil.org or call (510) 499-8933 with your contact information so that you will be informed of activities and be able to schedule awareness and education programs for your communities. For more information please contact Doug Mosher.

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Date Posted: December 2nd, 2019 @ 2:15 PM
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