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The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) formed Committees and Liaisons to continue their work toward safe and accessible transportation for all Oaklanders outside of the general meeting space. Each BPAC committee has a specific purpose or subject and is crucial to getting the work of the BPAC done. Read the Chair's Annual Report to the Public Works Committee of the Oakland City Council to see some committees previous accomplishments.

To find more information or when the next committee meeting is, reach out to the lead contact listed below.

Below is a list of all active committees/liaisons:

Infrastructure Committee
Purpose: Review and comment on the design of projects.
Contact: Robert Prinz at robert@bikeeastbay.org
Information and meeting notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qqS46y3dWNeAxMVwU3HTwjunj-b0pwANtZix-CisiWA/

Legislative Committee
Purpose: Research and develop policy recommendations for consideration by the BPAC
Contact: Commissioner Mariana Parreiras at marianaoakbpac@gmail.com

Bicyclist Pedestrian Police Relations Committee:

Contact: Vice Chair Kenya Wheeler at kenyaw@gmail.com

Open Forum Committee

Purpose: Review and analyze comments received during Open Forum
Contact: Chair Midori Tabata at midorit@pacbell.net

Liaison to Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities

Purpose: Monitor the Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities activities and report back to the BPAC
Contact: Commissioner Andrew Campbell at andygc1x@gmail.com

Liaison to Affordable Housing & Infrastructure Bond Public Oversight Committee
Purpose: Monitor Committee activities and report back to the BPAC
Contact: George Naylor at gnoaklnd@gmail.com

Liaison to Police Commission
Purpose: Monitor Commission activities and report back to BPAC
Contact: Commissioner George Naylor at gnoaklnd@gmail.com