Zero Emission Vehicle Action Plan

The roadmap for a clean and equitable transportation system in Oakland

Start date:
Nov 1, 2019
Completion date:
Feb 28, 2022


The City of Oakland Zero Emission Vehicle Action Plan will provide a roadmap for transitioning to a zero emission transportation system. Governor Gavin Newsom declared that all new passenger cars and trucks sold in California must be zero-emission by 2035. The Plan will help to achieve that goal, and builds on existing goals and objectives outlined in California’s 2016 ZEV Action Plan, the Bay Area’s 2013 PEV Readiness Plan.

The plan will include strategies to increase access to zero emission vehicles (ZEV), electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), and hydrogen fueling stations for all Oakland residents and visitors.


The Plan will include chapters focusing on different aspects of the transportation system:

  • Existing conditions (Click here for maps and more info about ZEVs in Oakland)
  • Charging in multi-unit buildings
  • Curbside charging
  • Economic development and the jobs pipeline
  • Medium and heavy duty fleets
  • Electric bikes and scooters


Public input will be provided through:

  • An interactive website and social media campaign,
  • Interactive community workshops,
  • Attendance and presentations at existing events in underserved neighborhoods and job fairs,
  • Stakeholder advisory committees,
  • A statistically valid survey, and
  • Partnerships with community based organizations

Provide Feedback!

Where would you like to see Electric Vehicle chargers in Oakland? Let us know using this Interactive Map to explore where existing chargers are located and identify locations where you'd like to see more. A survey version for feedback is available as well, Click Here.

Take the ZEV Action Plan Survey, which will help us understand the opinions, needs, and concerns of Oaklanders toward ZEVs.

If you'd like to receive updates about the Zero Emission Vehicle Plan, feel free to sign up for our e-mail list, Click Here




Project Kick-off
November 2019
Stakeholder Group Meetings
Fall 2020 to Spring 2021
Community Workshops
Summer & Fall 2021
Present Plan to City Council
Early Spring 2022

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