Draft Release of the City of Oakland Zero Emission Vehicle Action Plan for Comment

The ZEV Action Plan provides a detailed roadmap for transitioning all vehicular trips in Oakland to zero-emission modes by 2045. Provide comment by 5/17/22 ! *Please note that this is a preliminary draft document that has not been adopted by the City of Oakland or any department within the City. This draft has not gone through graphic design or formatting. The final draft will include photos and graphics. In addition, the Appendix is still under development. Timeline April 14th, 2022- Comment period opens. May 17th, 2022- The comment period ends. Comments will be reviewed and incorporated into the final draft. July 7th, 2022- Anticipated date at which the final Plan will be presented to the City Council

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Posted: April 14th, 2022 2:28 PM

Last Updated: April 14th, 2022 2:35 PM