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The International Boulevard Pedestrian Lighting and Sidewalk Improvement Project

A complete streets project improving pedestrian environment and encourage TEMPO ridership



UPDATE DECEMBER 2023: This project is under construction and will be complete in Summer 2024.


City has received $9.9 million dollars in Clean California funds and $1.5 million dollars in Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) grant funds for The International Boulevard Pedestrian Lighting and Sidewalk Improvement Project.

Project Description

The Clean California funds are specified for International Boulevard between 45th Avenue and 107th Avenue, and the AHSC grant funds are for International Boulevard between 36th Avenue and 45th Avenue.

This project will install pedestrian-scale lighting and repair sidewalks to provide safer pedestrian conditions for people along International Boulevard. These improvements will improve pedestrian travel, encourages TEMPO ridership, and provides health and environmental benefits.

In addition, approximately litter containers in 20 locations will be installed. These “smart” solar-powered waste containers have a higher waste capacity than traditional waste bins and prevent trash overflows. This project will also install trash capture devices into existing storm drain outlets at approximately 68 locations along the corridor to prevent trash from reaching, or removing trash from, the municipal separate storm sewer (storm drain) system. These trash capture devises will be funded by Measure Q funds for litter reduction.


In late 2021, Caltrans staff approached the City via the Caltrans Working Group, an interdepartmental team coordinated by the City Administrator’s Office, regarding the opportunity to use Clean California State enhancement funds allocated to Caltrans District 4, which includes Oakland, on state routes.

The International Boulevard Pedestrian Lighting and Sidewalk Improvement Project was selected because it aligned with Clean California goals, scored highly in the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP), and overlaps with state right-of-way (International Boulevard east of 42nd Avenue is considered a state route). In addition, the project travels through East Oakland’s identified Neighborhood Enhanced Service Team (NEST) Neighborhoods and International Boulevard is the number 1 ranked High Injury Corridor, according to Oakland’s Safe Oakland Streets Initiative.

Clean California is a $1 billion initiative to significantly reduce litter and beautify the state’s transportation network. Program goals include reducing the amount of waste and debris in public spaces, beautifying public spaces, mitigating the urban heat island effect, enhancing public health and community placemaking, and advancing equity for underserved communities. Funds are spread across five program areas: Litter Abatement; State Beautification Projects; Local Beautification Projects; Public Education; and Project Design, Construction, Local Support and Engagement.


The goals of this project were prioritized by several community engagement efforts, including:

The International Boulevard Pedestrian Lighting and Sidewalk Improvements Project team will coordinate all construction activities through the International BRT Community Outreach Team. This team proactively provides information about the project to help minimize disruptions and impacts during construction.


Map of Project: The International Boulevard Pedestrian Lighting and Sidewalk Improvement Project


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