Grand Avenue Mobility Plan

A comprehensive transportation plan to keep existing residents in place, while strategizing an inclusive, safer, and sustainable transportation network for the future. Check out the interactive engagement tool at the green link below!

In Process


Your Grand Your Vision

The Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) needs your input for the Grand Avenue Mobility Plan to create a corridor that reinforces fair and just treatment, and safety for all.

There are two ways for you to engage right now part of Phase I:

1) a survey and 2) an interactive web map. The web map will allow you to drop points on the corridor where you experience issues. The survey will ask questions about how you use Grand Avenue about your visions for Grand Avenue in the future. Please visit: to help create a community-led vision for Grand Avenue.

Phase II and III interactive tool will conveniently be at the same link throughout the planning process:

More on the Plan

The Grand Avenue Mobility Plan will collaborate with AC Transit, community-based organizations, and Oaklanders along the corridor to conceptualize an implementable plan that will enhance transit service and improve traffic safety on this high injury corridor without impeding goods movement. The extent of the corridor study spans from Mandela Parkway to MacArthur Boulevard, including distinct neighborhoods along Grand Avenue. In addition, UC Berkeley students in Research Seminar in Urban Studies partnered with OakDOT to look into the historical racial and social injustices in Oakland neighborhoods along Grand Avenue. Check out their research here!

Goals of the Planning Process

  1. Engagement
    • Educate about Project Goals and Timeline – Convey information to stakeholders about the Grand Avenue Mobility Plan in a way that is accessible, meaningful, and linguistically appropriate, including a timeline for the project and milestones at which people can provide feedback.
    • Build Relationships and Shared Language of Goals and Vision– The project process will be amplified by the support of local community-based organizations, stakeholders, and youth. The process aims to build local champions and ensure the plan and identified alternative(s) have community buy-in and support.
    • Gather Input on the Diverse Needs and Uses of Grand Avenue – The process aims to capture and integrate how residents and other stakeholders use and envision the Grand Avenue corridor. The project team aims to seamlessly integrate the engagement process with the technical process to ensure community and stakeholder input is reflected in the final product.
  2. Comprehensive Corridor Plan
    • Final Product – After listening and collaborating with community and agency stakeholders, the project team will put together a comprehensive plan including data collection/analysis, reflections from engagement process, corridor concepts, funding opportunities, and implementation plan.

Community-Based Organization Team

To better reach historically underserved and underrepresented West Oakland community members, we contracted with the three Community-Based Organization Team below to help capture the voices of disadvantaged groups and inform the overall planning process.

Current Plan Status *


  • The community-based organization and OakDOT team will be leading focus group meetings with historically underserved and underrepresented West Oaklanders including:
    • People with Disabilities
    • Seniors
    • Transit riders
    • Multi-generational West Oakland families and neighbors
    • Affordable housing sites
    • Businesses

Recent meetings

Navigate to the following link to view recent meeting's recordings and notes:

  • 6/30/2021: Combined Focus Group Meeting #2
  • 6/29/2021: Combined Focus Groupe Meeting #1
  • 6/3/2021: NCPC 2x5x
  • 5/4/2021: Hoover RAC
  • 3/30/2021: West Oakland St. Mary's Seniors focus group meeting
  • 3/17/2021: West Oakland, People with Disabilities focus group meeting
  • 12/16/2021: West Oakland, Transit riders focus group meeting
  • 10/29/2020: The community-based organization team led a West Oakland focused orientation meeting to introduce the effort, how it came about, and discussed the planning process with community stakeholders. Check out the recorded virtual meeting at (no need to watch the whole meeting, click the desired time stamp links in the video description). You can also find the presentation at Grand Ave Mobility Plan Orientation Meeting Presentation


  • Phase I virtual engagement: OakDOT and consultants launched virtual engagement in August 2020. The team promoted the online survey and interactive map through flyers, sidewalk stickers, Facebook, Instagram, and NextDoor. Summary of Phase I virtual engagement coming soon!
  • OakDOT staff have attended neighborhood meetings and met with some merchants along the corridor.

*The planning process has been greatly impacted due to COVID-19 and regional restrictions. The plan is undergoing an extension to continue the process into 2021.

Other Projects in the Area

West Grand Avenue Repaving & Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project: OakDOT is implementing safety improvements on West Grand Avenue between Mandela Parkway and Market Street. Please visit West Grand Avenue Repaving & Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project website to learn more.

7th Street Connection Project: The 7th Street Connection Project is an effort by OakDOT to target State or Local Transportation Grant funding to go above and beyond what is planned as part of repaving, and to extend the project limits to connect to Downtown Oakland. Please visit 7th Street Connection Project website to learn more information and provide feedback.

MTC Bay Bridge Forward: The Bay Bridge Forward seeks to improve efficiency in crossing the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Please visit Bay Bridge Forward website to learn more information.

AC Transit Rapid Corridors Project: In response to AC Transit's Major Corridors Study, the Rapid Corridors Project is the first step towards implementing the short-term recommendations on the Telegraph, San Pablo and West Grand/Grand Avenue corridors. Information on W. Grand and Grand Avenue portion of the project can be found here:



Map of Project: Grand Avenue Mobility Plan
Map of Project: Grand Avenue Mobility Plan



Analyzing and Understanding Existing Conditions
September 2019 - March 2020
Present existing conditions & listen to community
March 2020 - October 2020
Collaborate with community to conceptualize plan
February 2021 - April 2021 (plan extended)
Refine concept with community & produce final plan
May 2021 - July 2021 (plan extended)

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