7th Street Connection Project

Envisioning an accessible and beautiful connection between West Oakland and Downtown for people walking, biking, and taking transit.



7th Street from Mandela to Market Street is part of the City's Measure KK-funded 3-year paving program. As part of this paving project, the City of Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) will upgrade the striping on the roadway to install buffered bike lanes as called for by the West Oakland Specific Plan and the “Let’s Bike Oakland” 2019 Bike Plan.

The 7th Street Connection Project is an effort by OakDOT to target State Transportation Grant funding to go above and beyond what is planned as part of repaving. In Summer 2020, OakDOT will conduct outreach to the West Oakland community to gather input on potential improvements to 7th Street from Mandela Parkway to Martin Luther King Jr. Way. These improvements would only be possible through a successful State transportation funding grant application, which the City is working towards in Fall 2020.

Project Goals

  1. Improve the pedestrian experience on 7th Street with safe crossings and accessible, well-lit sidewalks
  2. Provide a protected space for people of all ages and abilities to ride a bike between West Oakland and Downtown Oakland
  3. Increase transit reliability
  4. Improve the flow of large vehicles - including trucks - to reduce idling and emissions
  5. Create a beautiful street that improves air quality and provides green space

Corridor improvements may include:

  • Providing an all-ages bicycling connection to Downtown that is fully separated from vehicle traffic
  • Widening sidewalks
  • Shortening pedestrian crossings and installing other crosswalk improvements
  • Upgrading traffic signals and potentially installing new signals
  • Installing improved pedestrian lighting
  • Planting maximum carbon and PM-capturing street trees and landscaping

Look out for more information here in Summer 2020.


Map of Project: 7th Street Connection Project

7th Street between Mandela Parkway and Martin Luther King Jr Way